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Attn:  Private and Public Company Business Owners

Control and Reduce Your Legal Fees by Using Our Part-Time General Counsel Program

Since 1994 we have served as General Counsel for three Orange County, California based public companies, which have been on the American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.  For these firms we have handled all their 1933 Securities Act Filings and 1934 Securities Exchange Act Reporting and Corporate Governance/Sarbanes Oxley Compliance.  We also provide services in the areas of litigation, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, financings, employment law, intellectual property and general business and contract issues.

  • Bridge Technology (NASDAQ) - international high tech company (offices in Hong Kong and Ningbo, China)
  • MAI Systems Corporation (AMEX) - international software company (offices in Western Europe, Malaysia and South America)
  • Saba Petroleum Company (AMEX) - international energy company (offices in Canada and South America)

For the following private companies we have also handled all their legal work as general counsel:

  • Colton Properties, Irvine, CA (national real estate firm)
  • RK Properties, Long Beach, CA (national real estate firm)

Our Part-Time General Counsel Program may be provided on-site through regular daily or weekly visits where we work out of our client’s offices with the senior management teams and develop a familiarity with the clients' businesses.

We typically provide between 20 to 50 hours of legal services per month, or the equivalent of one to three days per week, on premises.  The billing rate is reduced 25-40% from our standard rate in exchange for a retainer commitment and we work as independent contractors, with no fringe benefits.  Additionally, we are available for  “project” or “overflow” work.  This arrangement is not meant to replace your outside counsel, but simply to reduce your reliance on their staff at rates that are often two to three times what we charge.